Specifications Title

Our product is guaranteed to fit the vehicles from one of the categories below.  Please inquire about any vehicle not listed

The i-Class System is the base platform for Notel product lines

Dimensions & Adjustability 

  • Length - 54" to 75" 
  • Width - 29"
  • Weight - 28 lbs 
  • Static Weight Capacity - 375 lbs 
  • Shipping Dimensions - 30" x 30" x 4"


    Setup (Sleeping and Travel Mode)

    Notel i-Class can be setup in two different configurations for sleep mode (backseat or front seat), and a half setup for travel mode.

    Notel I-Class Sleeping System setup diagram

    Backseat Setup

    Notel I-Class Backseat Install

    Travel Mode

    Notel I-Class Travel Mode Install

    i-Class Box Contents

    Notel L-Class Title

    The L-Class is an extension to the I-Class base platform.  It provides additional lounging space for sleeping or entertainment.






    Notel S-Class Title

    The S-Class is an extension to the L-Class.  It allows for 2 person comfort.






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