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Will this fit my vehicle?

Notel uses adjustable technology to make each system customizable. If you have a mid-size or full-size vehicle of any make or model then yes, Notel will fit.
This is the most versatile and comfortable mobile sleeping system available on the market today. It is expandable from 30” to 75”, and has multiple supporting contact points for weight distribution. The leveling system makes any terrain accessible to create a flat and stable sleeping surface. The Notel is usable in virtually any vehicle: SUV, truck, van, or sedan. You can set up the Notel in the traditional method (as seen in the video). or along the backseat. This product is nearly indestructible and provides years of value adding quality comfort in almost any setting.

How does the Notel system work?

Notel is suspended inside your vehicle without disturbing any gear you may have underneath. This is accomplished by using a combination of the vehicle's grab bars, head rests, and center console for support. An optional cup-holder support device can also be utilized to carry load. The system is clipped to these items using straps.

What is the weight limit?

The Notel i-Class has been rated at a 300 pound weight limit, for either static or shuffling weight. When the L/S Extension is added onto the i-Class, the full system is created which supports up to 600 pounds.

Are my grab bars and headrests strong enough?

Yes. Notel distributes the total weight by using all of the grab bars and headrests, as well as the center console. The weight is distributed by 5 to 8 points of contact, meaning no point of support is holding more weight than it is rated for.

What if my system gets damaged?

Send us details of what is damaged and we will send you the replacement parts you need.
Notel is nearly indestructible and will provide years of quality comfort.

How was the Kickstarter campaign?

The Notel Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded. View the campaign

DOT/Department of Transportation

The Notel is suitable as a sleeper under DOT for non-moving vehicles. The sleeping system is only permitted to be fully set up when the vehicle is parked, but if there are no rear passengers the system can be halfway set up while the vehicle is in motion. This way, the system setup can be easily completed when you are ready to sleep.

Is Notel better than the bed of my pickup? What about a camper shell or roof-top tent?

Other options exist for creating mobile accommodations while away from the comforts of your home.Feedback from our customers highlight some of the following potential advantages:
- Climate controlled environment
- Easy access to the driver seat and ability to depart your campsite without exiting the vehicle. This is convenient particularly if it’s raining or in a muddy location.
You also feel safer if an animal or person is causing a disturbance, beacause you are able to leave immediately.
- Does not require an expensive and burdensome camper shell. The upfront cost of a camper shell is high in comparison to Notel, and fuel economy of your vehicle also suffers. Camper shells also typically require multiple adults for installation or removal, and once the camper shell is installed the abilities of your pickup truck for hauling are significantly reduced.
- The inside cabin area of your pickup is a safer and more comfortable environment for temporary habitation. Securely locked doors enable you to sleep more soundly because you simply feel safer and are within a comfortably upholstered and warm environment that is already familiar to you.
Noise insulation is also provided by your vehicles interior so if you are parked next to a highway, or in a noisy camping area, your sleeping environment will be more quiet.
- You have easy access to power sources for charging your phone, laptop etc.
- It is cleaner because you might often throw tools, wood, garbage, or anything else into the bed area of your pickup when you use it for what it was designed for, i.e. hauling stuff
- They call it a “bed” because it’s about the same size and shape as a bed, not because it’s comfortable.

What if my seats don't recline or fold down much?

An optional cup holder support device is available to help bear weight in this area of the sleeping platform. If your vehicle's seats don't recline to near level with the center console, additional foam support can be added atop the console and your system will rest at that level. A backseat setup can also be implemented.

How is Notel supported within my vehicle?

Notel has multiple adjustable support points. You can suspend the system with supplied straps from a number of available positions within the vehicle. Grab handles and headrests are the most often used areas.
Seat belt mounting brackets are available, and often attachment point brackets are located behind the backseat. A small foam pad is supplied with the unit for resting it atop the center console; alternatively our patented cup holder support device can be utilized if you wish to not rest the unit atop the center console.

Is the Notel comfortable?

The device provides a more firm, stable, and level sleeping platform for pretty much any terrain when compared to a typical canvas sleeping cot or tent. The unit does not sag in the middle or bend with your body weight.
With a sleeping pad on top, or cushioning of your preference, it becomes a place to obtain sustained sleep and relaxation.

Can I make my own with a piece of plywood?

The answer is yes you can. But it will likely take you several attempts to get everything how you want it.
Notel has tested the plywood version in our earlier stages of development. To meet the same performance ability you would require a ⅝” to ¾” sheet of plywood which significantly increases the weight of the system.
You will need to create your own mounting brackets/frame and durability testing, whereas the patterned Notel mounting system has been tested and proven time and again.
Plywood life cycle is not as environmentally element friendly as the Notel. If stored outside, in a garage, or other damp space, plywood will soon meet mother nature's destructive path.
Additionally, plywood versions are limited to only 1 vehicle type. The Notel's versatility allows for interchangeable setups within virtually any vehicle on the market.

Is Notel for the homeless?

Notel does not advertise or market its products as a homeless shelter. For those in dire needs of short term living accommodations Notel can be utilized, particularly in such events as disaster relief.

Is there enough headroom for me?

Yes, it all depends on what you are willing to live with. Different vehicles will have limits on allowable headroom.

Do you have international dealers?

Currently Notel is accepting USA and Canada web based sales only.
We are in the process of vetting international dealers in several countries.


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