Notel USA Third Party Accessories

Enhance your Notel car camping experience with one of these featured accessories.

Alternative Weight Support Hangers

If you don’t have grab handles or don’t want to use the ones in the vehicle, see below options.

DIY PVC Door Hanger

2” – 3” round x 2”-3” long PVC tube or Solid PVC tube

1. Cut/Drill strap slot

2. Insert strap provided by Notel and run into the interior of the vehicle for weight support hanger



Amazon Weight Support Hanger 

Vehicle Grab Handle Support Alternative



Alternative Center Console Weight Support 

If you don’t have a center console or don’t want to use the one in the vehicle, a cup holder support will soon be available from Notel.

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Window Covers

WeatherTech Window Shades


Keep your vehicle cool, protect yourself from the sun, and enjoy the privacy of covering your windows.







Window Bug Nets

Window Bug/Mosquito Nets



Window Bug Nets 

 Enjoy fresh outside air without having to deal with bugs. Keep your windows rolled down and join in on the campfire conversation.







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