Notel USA Third Party Accessories

Enhance your Notel experience with one of these featured 3rd party accessories.

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Window Bug Nets 

Enjoy fresh outside air without having to deal with bugs. Keep your windows rolled down and join in on the campfire conversation. - Window Bug Nets 

Window Bug/Mosquito Nets - Overnighter Window Tent


Window Covers

Keep your vehicle cool, protect yourself from the sun, and enjoy the privacy of covering your windows.

WeatherTech Window Shades


Mattress / Pad

You'll want a suitable pad to make your night of sleep the most cozy experience.  Our products are designed to have some flex, so by itself are more comfortable than say a piece of plywood.  A good pad, however, will enhance the quality of your slumber. has numerous options that can be obtained in just a few days.  Roll up pads are easier to store inside vehicles versus foldable type pads.  Here are some recommendations. - Willpo Memory Foam Mattress 75" x 30"x 2.75" - Trapper Lite Bed 4" Foam Sleep Pad 78" x 26" x 4" - Lightspeed XL Super Plush FlexForm Pad 77" x 30" x 3"

Amazon - Vehicle Window Shades


Bedding Storage

Need a convenient place to store your blanket, pad, and pillow?  Checkout the Rubbermaid ActionPacker.  It can easily be secured in the "bed" area of your pickup truck, stored in the back area of an SUV or trunk of a sedan. - Rubbermaid ActionPacker Lockable Storage Box, 35 Gallon

Alternative Weight Support Hangers

If you don’t have grab handles, or don’t want to use the ones in the vehicle, see below options.  Hang these product on your door and run them into the interior of the vehicle for a Notel weight support hanger.
Vehicle Grab Handle Support Alternative



Pipe Style Door Hanger


Center Console Weight Support 


Your system comes with a foam block to distribute weight across the center console and also raise the unit to various heights.  Alternative foam bricks of different sizes can be purchased from for under $25.  Here are a some links as options. 5" Foam Block 2" Foam Block





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