The idea for our product was created when our founder discovered himself in a tent that would not stop leaking.
Reluctantly, he and his wife decided to sleep in the truck. Thus, the idea for Notel was born.





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 Notel uses straps to suspend a lightweight and sturdy sleeping surface made out of aluminum and high density polyethylene. The suspension of the system allows gear to be stored underneath.  With the addition of your camping pad, it becomes a sturdy and comfortable sleeping surface.

Notel System Installed Inside Car
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Since it is suspended, gear stores under the platform instead of taking up sleeping space like in a tent.

    • Economical -

      The system pays for itself by letting you skip just a few hotel stays.

    • Comfortable -

      No more sore neck or back! Notel has enough space for any person to fully stretch out.

    • Flexible -

      Set up half of the system for one person or the full system to sleep two.

    • Safer than a Tent -

      Sleep more comfortably and safely inside your vehicle.

    • Portable -

      Easily folds up for travel and storage, or leave it set up while you drive.

    • Versatile -

      Notel has the ability to lodge anywhere, anytime

    • Made in the USA -


      Unquestionably America's most practical mobile sleeping system! Veteran owned and operated from Colorado

Absolutely No Vehicle Modifications!

Modular System Installs in Only 10 Minutes
Support America's enterprise, you won't be let down, satisfaction guaranteed!







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Place the system in the back seat of the vehicle. Drop the straps from the grab bars and head rests. Place the foam pad on your center console. Expand the frame. Clip the straps to the frame of your system. Adjust the system to the height of your choice. 

Expand your Notel. Enjoy comfortable sleep inside your vehicle!

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