L/S Extension -  Makes Your System Larger With This Add-On

L/S Extension - Makes Your System Larger With This Add-On

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Expand your i-Class SEAMLESSLY with the L/S Side Extension!

The L/S extension provides additional sleeping surface when paired with your i-Class System.  View i-Class

From corner to corner, the L/S extension provides you with 8 ft of diagonal sleeping space in full size vehicles (F-150+ or equivalent).


In minutes your i-class single sleeper can be converted into the L-class expanded comfort mode, or into the S-class dual sleeper.  When this product is connected to your i-Class, you now have the full system which can be configured in 3 different ways, i, L, or S (Interconnectable Lounging System).

Utilizing the full space of your vehicle, the Notel S-Class dual sleeper covers the entire inside cabin area of your vehicle, providing you the same sleeping space between a full bed and queen sized bed.

You must already have an i-Class unit to connect the L/S Extension.


L-Configuration In Dodge Ram




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