Top 7 Uses for the Notel Sleeper

If you haven’t yet heard, the Notel sleeping system is a genius new product that is sweeping the world of car camping. It uses straps to suspend the lightweight sleeping surface from the grab bars of your SUV or truck, and gives you the room to stretch out for a comfortable, dry night’s sleep in the safety of your car. As an added bonus, the suspension allows for you to store your gear underneath the sleeper, keeping it dry and safe as well. This product is drastically improving weekend camping expeditions, but is useful in many other situations as well.

  1.     To Break up a Long Drive.

We have all gotten a little sleepy on a long road trip before. Whether you want to skip a cheap and dirty hotel for the night, or you just need a few hours before you start up again, the Notel is easy to set up and take down to keep you well rested for the next stint of driving.

  1.     Disaster Relief

Though we hope we never have to experience a disaster situation, in areas where forest fires, hurricanes, or tornadoes can destroy homes and safety, it never hurts to be prepared. The Notel gives an option for comfort and security, and can be utilized in times of a crisis.

  1.     When the Designated Relative’s House is Too Full

In town for a graduation or wedding, but not looking forward to sleeping on the floor with your cousins? A simple fix is to park your car in the driveway with your Notel so you don’t miss out on the full house fun, but you also get a full night's rest.

  1.    To Transport Injured Campers

The flat, stable surface of the Notel is a way better medical stretcher than a back or passenger seat in an SUV. If you know you have the ability to successfully move an injured person, a camping trip becomes a lot less stressful.

  1.     Concerts and Festivals

If you love to hang out at Coachella, South by Southwest, Watershed, or The Warped Tour, but hate day two or three when you’re exhausted and sleep deprived, you can escape to your car to escape the chaos for a moment.

  1.     Mobile Worker

If you are in a profession that is constantly keeping you on the move--ooking at you, oil field workers, hotshot crew members, and pilot drivers--then the Notel mobile sleeper is perfect for you. When you’re working a lot of hours and days, and only needing a place to sleep occasionally, there’s no need to spend money on renting a place when you can sleep comfortably in your car.

  1.     Literally Any Time You Don’t Want to Pay for an Airbnb or Hotel

The Notel is named after the great money saving decision: No Hotel. If you don’t need the amenities, and you’re on a budget, your car can be a great substitute with the right system in place.

The Notel gives you the ability to explore and bring comfort with you. The beauty of the two-in-one transportation/sleeper is that there are little limitations to your adventure. You don’t have to worry about weather or reservations. In various aspects of your travel, you can see the country, and sleep deprivation doesn’t have to get in your way!

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