Sleep comfortably INSIDE your vehicle. Just add your own camping pad and sleeping bag. Click to learn more!


Introduction Video

Welcome To Notel USA

We are dedicated to enhancing the travel and slumber experience.  Do you love to travel?  Do you find yourself sleeping uncomfortably in your vehicle, or overpaying for a hotel room when you just want a convenient place to rest?  Look no further. Notel USA's patented, and patent pending systems have you covered.


Man on Notel system sleeping in truck.

By utilizing available space above the front and rear seats, Notel allows you to sleep comfortably inside your vehicle!  The Interconnectable Lounging System (ILS) is an adjustable device that fits into any mid-size or full-size truck, SUV, or sedan.  Our various classes of systems provide you with different amounts of space depending on your needs.

With the addition of a camping pad, your Notel product will feel like a cloud.  The lightweight high-density polyethylene bends with the shape of your body, giving you comfortable form-fitting sleep in your vehicle.

Notel is guaranteed to fit your truck, suv, or sedan

Our adjustable system is designed to fit smaller SUVs.  It expands seamlessly to fit larger vehicles as well.  
It is guaranteed to fit, or you can return the system hassle free.

The animation above is a slightly earlier version of our product and a good demonstration of how the system fits within the vehicle.

Ready for anything

Adaptable to a wide range of lifestyles and situations. Notel Sleeping Systems are equipped to handle whatever life throws your way.

Jeep hauling trailer across desert highway.

on the road

SUV offroad driving in mountains

off the grid

Evacuation, traffic leaving city.

Planning Ahead

Festival, party, campers around bonfire.

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